Consulting Services

I have served as a consultant to a variety of individuals, athletes, small businesses, public figures, and agencies. On occasion, clients require more of a hands-on approach to their overall business or project. In an effort to satisfy such requests, consulting services are geared toward transforming businesses by enhancing productivity, providing guidance, and driving corporate performance initiatives. The combination of strategic capabilities and industry expertise results in clients accomplishing the goals of their business endeavors.

Strategic Capabilities:

● Business Management

● Employee Relations

● Business Operations Analysis

● Due Diligence

● Reorganization Management

● Crisis Management

● Customer Relations

● Mergers & Acquisitions

● Project Management

Industry Expertise:

● Banking & Finance

● Communications

● Media & Entertainment

● Consumer Products

● Retail

● Sports Management

● Travel & Hospitality

● Real Estate

For more information on my consulting services please don’t hesitate to contact me. Please note that an engagement for consulting services is separate and distinct from a legal services engagement and therefore creates no attorney-client relationship. Any consulting services will require the execution of a consulting agreement.